Ageism in Advertising

An advertising and marketing industry guide to age-inclusion and representation

How to take action to make the ad industry more age-inclusive

The advertising industry has the power to affect culture – and reflect it – so it’s imperative that we actively embrace age inclusion and representation in the workforce, the workplace, and the work we create.

We’ve all heard the phrase “age is just a number.” But unfortunately we don’t always act as if that’s true. Ageism is a systemic issue affecting everyone in most societies. And with 5 generations in the workforce, it affects us at all ages and stages of our careers. 

This 3-part Guide is designed to help employees, employers, and brands take meaningful action to ensure age inclusion and representation across all facets of the advertising and marketing industry.

At any point on our inclusion journey, we may encounter intergenerational conflict or tension, which can be hard to navigate.

We invite you to get curious. Interrogate your biases. Consider that intent may not align with impact.

Commit to learning – unlearning – and then relearning. Stick around for challenging conversations.


Changing mindsets, structures, and systems takes time.
And consistent action.

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