Tip Sheet: Age-Inclusive Hiring for Social Impact Organizations

Studies show that age diversity is good for business; it’s proven to boost productivity, reduce costly employee turnover, and increase profitability. Additionally, when leveraged correctly, age diversity can increase knowledge sharing and innovation. 

The labor force is already age-diverse—with as many as five generations represented—but are you doing enough to attract candidates of all ages to your organization? If you haven’t thought intentionally about this topic before, it’s a good idea to lay some foundational support before implementing specific tools and strategies.

 This tip sheet is intended for:

  • Social impact organizations on a shoestring budget

  • Small business owners with a fractional HR department

Use this tip sheet to:

  • Audit your interview process and job descriptions

  • Reframe credential evaluations and qualifying criteria to widen your applicant pool

  • Enable your interview panel to find the best candidate based on their skillset and experience