Supporting Military & Veteran Caregivers at Work

In June 2019, a group of more than 20 executives from private- and public-sector organizations, in collaboration with AARP, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes Program, gathered for the inaugural Military and Veteran Caregiver Employment Taskforce meeting. Throughout multiple sessions and subsequent conversations, Taskforce members identified key challenges working family caregivers of military service members face when trying to balance their care responsibilities with full- or part-time employment or when entering or re-entering the workforce.

Similarly, Taskforce members identified challenges employers face when accommodating employees who are family caregivers of military service members, including concerns of job readiness for those re-entering the workforce and productivity issues for existing employees. From there, they outlined key strategies for employers to implement, such as increasing the number of positions with flexible schedules and remote opportunities, expanding leave policies, creating customized benefits, enhancing
employee assistance programs (EAPs), and leveraging employee resource groups (ERGs) to ensure employees receive adequate care, peer and leadership support and consideration. Each idea that met with approval was identified as a significant step for
employers to take in order to embrace and support working family military caregivers.


This Guide is Intended for:

  • Human resource managers and leadership

  • Small business owners with a military and veteran-based workforce

Use this guide to:

  • Win buy-in from key influencers in your organization to support military and veteran employees

  • Shape policies and procedures that focus on supporting military and veteran employees