Employer Caregiving Workshops

AARP Employer Caregiving Program Series

Learn how making your workplace more caregiver-friendly can help reduce employee turnover and boost your bottom line.

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15 topic options

  1. Caregiving at Home:

  2. 1. Preparing to Become a Family Caregiver

  3. 2. Financial Well-Being for Working Family Caregivers

  4. 3. Self-Care for Working Family Caregivers

  5. 4. Preparing to Age at Home

  6. 5. How to Pay for Care

  7. 6. Medicare 101

  8. 7. Legal Topics for Family Caregivers

  9. 8. Downsizing & Decluttering

    Caregiving at Work:

    1. 1. Navigating My Workplace as a Caregiver

    2. 2. Sandwich Generation: Caring for Kids and Adults

    3. 3. Making the Most of My Benefits as a Caregiver

    4. 4. Early Career Working Family Caregivers

    5. Leadership Support:

      1. 1. Leading a Caregiver-Inclusive Team

      2. 2. Caregiving as a DEI Challenge & Opportunity

      3. 3. How Every ERG Can Support Family Caregivers

How can I host?

Just choose a topic (or topics) listed below and gather your team virtually. We’ll gather the Guest Expert and all the content, tools and resources.

Choose a single workshop or a series of 3–5 programs.

Each topic is designed as a 60-minute program. Email us to confirm the topics from the list below and the dates that you're interested in, or if you would like our help packaging a series of programs from the topics we offer.

Invite your employees.

You can use these program descriptions in your invitations. Provide them with a link to the virtual meeting platform you’ll use to host.

Share the resources with your team. 

For each topic in your series, we will provide links to supporting resources. This way, your team will always know where to go to find resources, even if they can't make every program session.

AARP is bringing you live, virtual programs you can use to help employees balance their work and caregiving.

Why host a program series?

AARP estimates that 1 in 6 people in your workplace are providing part-time care for an adult. Over half don’t tell their supervisors about it, but all of them need to feel supported and included in your workplace. The AARP Employer Caregiving Program Series aims to prepare your colleagues to thrive both at work and in their caregiving roles.

Who can host it?

Anyone who can gather a group of 30 or more employees. Often these are employee resource group (ERG) leaders or program managers, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) leaders, managers leading teams, internal conference/event planners or senior leaders who want to message that they value a caregiver-inclusive culture.

How many people can join?

As many as your virtual meeting platform allows. We’ve run programs with 30–300 registrants across time zones.

Is there a cost?

No, AARP is currently providing these programs at no cost if booked by September 30, 2024. Program delivery dates for these series can extend through March 2025.

I’m interested.

Reach out and we’ll get back to you within one business day.