Employer Attitudes on Credentials as Proof of Skills

Employer Attitudes on Credentials as Proof of Skills   


This research surveys employers in the United States on their attitudes towards credentials and certifications in place of traditional four year degrees. The research found that the shift toward skills-based hiring is starting to occur, but is slow and remains more “in theory” than “in practice.” Additionally, the research shows:

  • Many employers (62%) occasionally hire workers lacking required degrees, but few do it often (12%).

  • While most employers (76%) say they prioritize skills over educational attainment when hiring, only one in ten say the value of educational attainment has decreased relative to job skills.

  • Ultimately, most say their organization needs to place even greater emphasis on skills and less on education in future (66%).

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 This research is intended for:

  • Learning and development managers and leadership

  • Human resource managers with urgent hiring needs

Use this research to:

  • Reframe your thinking around qualified candidates

  • Expand your candidate sourcing pools and evaluation criteria

  • Collect credible data on the credential landscape