Tipsheet: Promote Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

Creating a workplace that promotes disability inclusion is about more than hiring people with disabilities. Disability inclusion, like any other inclusivity initiative, needs to be practiced holistically, from hiring and recruitment to culture and management practices, along with opportunities to develop new skills, advance, and succeed. Adopting disability inclusion in the workplace can lead to a stronger workforce and an expansion of the talent pool. It’s also good for business – companies that practice disability inclusion are twice as likely to have better shareholder returns than companies who lack a strategy. 

While many companies who value disability inclusion have good intentions, it can be challenging to operationalize policies and shift workplace culture. AARP has collaborated with Disability:IN to develop this helpful overview to assist employers as they aim to create more inclusive workplaces for people with disabilities. 

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This Guide is Intended for:

  • Business leaders of small, mid and large companies

  • Human resource managers and leadership

  • People managers committed to creating an inclusive workplace for their direct reports

  • Chief legal counsels and chief financial officers

Use this guide to:

  • Identify ergonomic changes internally to accommodate employees of different abilities

  • Develop a disability accommodation policy

  • Identify where to recruit employees of different abilities