Worksheet: Age Diversity & Inclusion

There is a common saying that if you're not measuring, you're not tracking. But when it comes to the more nebulous key performance indicators, where do you start? How do you measure your organizations respect, inclusion and equity performance? The good news is that you can start to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your age diversity and inclusion initiatives by distributing this survey to your employees.

A maximum score of 3 is possible for each section. The lowest scores represent areas of potential weakness in your programs. You can use any patterns that surface — do the scores vary widely by business units, age of respondents, tenure of employee?

Use this self assessment as a jumping-off point for discussions. Sign in to download the worksheet.

This worksheet is intended for:

  • Business leaders of small, mid and large companies

Use this worksheet to:

  • Audit your current organizational climate and HR practices

  • Identify areas of improvement in your human resources strategy