Worksheet: Career Stage Recruitment

Do you have career gaps in your recruiting and hiring process? You may find your workforce unintentionally skews to a core set of age ranges and skillsets. While personalities may mesh well, this may come at the expense of costly mistakes, litigation pitfalls and incontrollable employee turnover. This can occur in certain industries which naturally attract younger or older applicants, but it can also happen if your recruitment methods are geared toward a particular demographic. 

Using the self assessment, check the career stages of the workers most often recruited using each method, and calculate your totals to find out whether you have career stage gaps in your recruitment practices.

 This tip sheet is Intended for:

  • Human resource professionals

  • Recruiters

  • Talent Acquisition professionals

Use this tip sheet to:

  • Guide your workforce development strategy

  • Spot any  gaps in your recruiting process

  • Spark thoughtful conversations around your candidate sourcing strategies