Business Case for Workers 50+

Business Case for Older Employees

While the 50+ workforce is growing, many employers report having trouble recruiting and retaining qualified workers. Even though this was not the case during recession years, The Manpower Group 2014 Talent Shortage Survey found that 40 percent of U.S. employers reported difficulty in filling jobs.

Fortunately, many of today's workers want to work and want viable work options later in life. So in light of the declining proportion of younger workers and the projected shortages of talent in many areas, many employers are turning to experienced, 50+ workers in order to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

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 This guide is intended for:

  • Business leaders of small, mid and large companies

  • Human resources professionals

  • Talent acquisition professionals

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion leaders

  • Learning and development professionals

Use this guide to:

  • Win buy in from stakeholders and leadership to actively recruit and retain experienced talent

  • Collect trusted facts and statistics on different generations in the workplace