Age-Inclusion Checklist

Age is often overlooked as an element of diversity, equity and inclusion. However studies show a multigenerational workforce positively impacts the bottom line. The benefits of age diversity range from reduced employee turnover to higher employee engagement, productivity and profitability.


Organizations who intentionally create mixed-aged teams and foster a culture of inclusion are more likely to become employers of choice, which in a tight labor market provides a unique competitive advantage. To leverage the benefits of a multigenerational workforce, start with these three actions from Age-Inclusion Checklist. 

 This checklist is intended for:

  • Business leaders of small, mid and large companies

  • Human resources professionals

  • Talent acquisition professionals

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion leaders

  • Learning and development professionals

Use this checklist to:

  • Craft your strategic planning objectives, metrics and tactics

  • Identify high-impact areas of opportunity and investment among the 50+ demographic

  • Make workplace culture decisions around programming, best practices and procedures