Professional Skills Courses

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Upskilling and reskilling.
New-skilling for the future.

When considering the training needs of your workforce, it’s important to include older workers in the mix. Mid-career and long-tenured workers possess a wealth of experience and institutional knowledge that can be enhanced by new skills and approaches. That’s why AARP created a skills-building platform for employers to upskill their employees, regardless of age.

The opportunities for employers

  • Engage and challenge employees
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Increase productivity
  • Provide a pathway for growth

The opportunities for employees

  • Expand existing skills
  • Develop new skillsets
  • Build confidence by feeling valued and supported
  • Continue professional growth

Retrain and retain with AARP and MindEdge Learning

Designed to help employees learn and master the skills needed to succeed personally and professionally, AARP has partnered with MindEdge Learning to create job-related skills training. Choose from a wide range of topics, categories and certification courses to enhance productivity and contribute to the growth of your workforce and company.


How It Works

  • Affordable

    Costs range from $79-$150 per course.

  • Flexible

    Courses can be employer funded. Or employees can take courses and be reimbursed.

  • Customizable

    Choose topics, categories and courses based on the needs of your company and individuals.

  • Professional

    Courses are led by leading subject matter experts in their respective fields.

  • On Demand

    Courses can be taken whenever it’s convenient for you and your employees.

  • Convenient

    Learn and view from anywhere—on any device.

Free consultation

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More than 3 million satisfied learners

The average satisfaction rating of MindEdge courses is 96.5%!

“Great course for anyone hoping to understand the power and processes of innovation. This has truly expanded my scope and creative drive.” – Brendan I.
Course: Creativity & Innovation