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Build An Age-Inclusive and Caregiving-Friendly Workforce

The workforce is more generationally diverse than it has ever been, and demographic trends suggest this will remain the case for many years to come. This generational diversity is also impacting the number of employees who balance work and caregiving duties. AARP is committed to helping organizations create and sustain cultures that are supportive of caregivers and inclusive of employees of all ages, from the youngest entrants to the oldest contributors.

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Building Age Inclusive Workforces

Age diversity in the workforce is not only the right thing to do — it can benefit the bottom line of companies that prioritize it. From reduced employee turnover to higher employee engagement and increased knowledge sharing, the benefits of age diversity are clear. Discover how you can advance your company’s commitment to an age-inclusive culture.

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Supporting Family Caregivers

More than ever, people are balancing work with caring for loved ones. These working family caregivers are huge contributors to the workforce, and employers can better retain them by providing proper support. Providing support needn’t be costly or complicated — learn how with our practical guides and resources.

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Resources For Employees

Answering employee questions on complex subjects such as Medicare, Social Security, and retirement planning can be daunting – AARP has free resources to help employees navigate these topics, as well as a wealth of hands-on guides and planning tools for employees preparing to (or in the midst of providing) care for older loved ones.

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Resources For Small Businesses

Age diversity and family caregiving initiatives aren't just for larger companies, they also benefit small businesses. Check out these helpful resources for smaller companies.

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Webinars and Events

Our resources on age inclusivity and supporting family caregivers don't end at articles and guides. Join our free webinars to learn more about these topics or schedule a lunch-and-learn or book a speaker to learn directly from an expert.

Upcoming Events:

Upskilling & Reskilling Mid to Late-Career Workers

May 24th at 1 pm EST

Join us on Wednesday, May 24 at 1 p.m. ET for an informal discussion on how to retain the soft skills and institutional knowledge of your mid-career workers while equipping them to meet your emerging skill needs.

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Employer Pledge Program

Show you’re committed to an age-diverse workforce. Take the AARP Employer Pledge and join companies nationwide in affirming experienced workers.

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