Age-Friendly Technology Design

Digital technology plays a significant role in the lives of older adults, who comprise a large and growing segment of the multibillion-dollar market for consumer electronics and apps. But too often, tech products are designed without accounting for the unique needs and preferences of older consumers, causing friction, frustration, and lost opportunities on both sides. Unfortunately, 42% of 50-plus adults say that they do not feel technology is designed with them in mind (AARP 2021).

This guide is intended to help companies in the technology sector integrate age-inclusive principles into their product development process at every step, from research and experience design to testing, support, and marketing. Our goal is to offer expert guidance, actionable steps, and simple checklists that can help close the gap between great products and consumers of all ages and abilities.

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 This guide is intended for:

  • Business leaders in the technology sector 

  • Designers and developers

Use this guide to:

  • Identify areas of opportunity along the development process to integrate age-inclusive functionality